Association of Track Officials of Michigan

This Equipment Message Board is now available for equipment postings, please use the gmail address below and provide all necessary information.  Thank You. (posted 9/4/19)


Any current or past ATOM member or family member may have posted any Track and Field or Cross Country related items on this Website page.

*** Contact e-mail address is....*** Please use the following: (posted 9/4/19)

You must be willing to provide your necessary contact information...

1. Either a current or active E-Mail Address,

2. Or a current phone number including Area Code or Text number,

3. OR your full name with street address, town and zip code.

4. You must be willing to allow anyone interested in your item(s) to contact you directly.

5. ATOM or the ATOM Web Master will NOT be involved in any monetary transaction for any posted equipment.

Postings for this Website will ONLY be accepted via E-Mail so we have the correct contact information and equipment information that is provided from you.

All postings will include the date the information is posted on this Website.

Neither ATOM or the ATOM Web Master will be responsible for any activities beyond the posting of the equipment information and the contact information. (posted 4/29/19)

1. Request from Track Official Stan Jesky of Holland, Michigan for anyone having a used 22 caliber starters pistol they would like to pass on.  If anyone might have one available please contact Stan via phone or text at the following number:  (616)836-5274.  (posted 3/24/21)