Association of Track Officials of Michigan

ATOM Awards...

ATOM presents a number of awards each year to individuals who have made a significant contribution to ATOM.  A link to the ATOM Awards Nomination Form can be found below for any ATOM Member to submit an individual(s) for award consideration.  The name and criteria for each award is presented below followed by a listing of the past recipients.

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1. Judy Hagman Award...

Criteria...  The Judy Hagman Award is presented to a Woman Track and Field and/or Cross Country Official who has shown the following qualities to the sports Judy was devoted to:
     A high level of concern for the individuals, coaches and athletes who are a part of the sport.
     A betterment to Track and Field and/or Cross Country officiating and the goals of the sport.
     Has had an influence on the development of fellow officials.
     Has served as a role model by displaying personal qualities such as leadership, integrity and devotion to the sport.
     Has always been willing to provide a smile and a congratulations to all individuals, especially the athletes, for a job well done.

2020-2021 Joan Ludtke
2019-2020 Jill Evers
2018-2019 Linda Bishop
2017-2018 Christine Lee
2015-2016  Kaitlin Greathouse
2014-2015  Maria Adams-Lawton and Lynn McDaniels
2013-2014  Abby Ostrowski-Tissue
2012-2013  Erika Raffin and Michelle Batten
2011-2012  Jill Baker-Cooley
2010-2011  Jan Gillette
2009-2010  Sue Heinzman
2008-2009  Jill Sandro
2007-2008  Jan Burch
2006-2007  Bertha Smiley
2005-2006  Mary Macomber
2004-2005  Debbie Hunt
2003-2004  Darlene Barber
2002-2003  Marilyn Morehead
2001-2002  Betty Robinson
2000-2001  Debbie McDonald
1999-2000  Kathy Scholar
1998-1999  Kathy Hutfilz and Geri Jackson

2. Bob Bloomer Award...

   1. The recipient is a current member of ATOM.
   2. Has shown a obvious devotion and dedication to track officiating and the betterment of track officiating for a significant period of time.
   3. Has exhibited a great level of concern for the individuals who participate in the sport of track and field, both coaches and athletes.
   4. Has displayed a high degree of skill as an official and has had a significant influence on the development of fellow officials.
   5. Has shown a willingness to be consistently self-evaluative with constant emphasis on personal improvement as a track official.
   6. Has served as a role model for other officials by displaying important personal qualities such as leadership, integrity and innovation.

2020-2021 Dan Millhisler
2019-2020 Eric Zemper
2018-2019 Jim Gillis
2017-2018 Bob Fulcher
2015-2016 Ray Drysdale
2014-2015  John Meyer
2013-2014 Dennis Hodges
2012-2013 Marty Crane
2011-2012 George Kniola
2010-2011 Brian Macomber
2009-2010 Lyle Berry
2008-2009  Das Campbell
2007-2008  Lew Clingman
2006-2007  Jim Devoe
2005-2006  Jim Cleverley
2004-2005  Dale Kutchey
2003-2004  Bernie Abrams
2002-2003  Rudy Godefroidt
2001-2002  George Babcock
2000-2001  John Fundukian
1999-2000  Geri Jackson
1998-1999  Lou Miramonti
1997-1998  Jack Grant
1996-1997  Wayne McDonald and Al Owens
1995-1996  Kathy Hutfilz
1994-1995  Ken Myllyla
1993-1994  Blake Hagman
1992-1993  Norb Bader
1991-1992  Bruce Jacob
1990-1991  Art Jevert, Kermit Ambrose and Bob Bloomer

3. Bernie Abrams President's Leadership Award...

   In recognition for continued outstanding contributions to ATOM on behalf of Cross Country and Track and Field in Michigan.

2020-2021 Jan Gillette
2019-2020 Dennis Hodges
2018-2019 Dan Millhisler
2017-2018  Jim Gillis
2015-2016  Jill Sandro
2014-2015  Mickey Turchek and Mark Uyl (MHSAA)
2013-2014  Darlene Barber
2012-2013  Dan Johnson
2011-2012  Lynn Kettlehut
2010-2011  George Babcock
2009-2010  George Kniola
2008-2009  Lyle Berry
2007-2008  John Meyer
2006-2007  Geri Jackson
2005-2006  Blake Hagman
2004-2005  Lew Clingman
2003-2004  Rudy Godefroidt and Phil Bedford
2002-2003  Wayne and Deb McDonald
2001-2002  Brian Macomber
2000-2001  Charlie and Jan Janke
1998-1999  Nate Hampton
1997-1998  Ken Myllyla
1996-1997  Bill Mick
1995-1996  Tom Eschmann
1994-1995  Jack Roberts

4. Art Jevert - Bruce Jacob Distinguished Service Award...

   Awarded to an individual who has made a signigicant contribution to Track and Field and/or Cross Country in the State of Michigan through their direct or indirect involvement in the sport.  This individual may or may not be a member of ATOM.

2020-2021 Dan Dean
2019-2020 Randy Williams, Tony Misfud
2018-2019 John Greathouse
2017-2018  Kim Spalsbury
2015-2016  Dennis Hodges, Tom Micallef and Brandon Jiles
2014-2015  Larry Freeman, Mike Wolf and Paul Matson
2013-2014  Bernie Mulder, Rudy Godefroidt and Jill Sandro
2012-2013  Fred Smith, Dale Scheerhorn, Robert Glenn and Chris King
2011-2012  Don Foreman, Jim Loria and John VanWinkle
2010-2011  Mark Uhl, Jim Sullivan and Dennis Whitehead
2009-2010  Sylvester Collins. Bob Fulcher and Hugh Matson
2008-2009  Jerry Cerrula, Ed Gabrys and Bill Johnson
2007-2008  Harvey Weaver, Gus Hughes and Tom Eschmann
2006-2007  Jim Gillis, Ken Seidenwand, Ed Carlton and Das Campbell
2005-2006  Jim Gibbons and Pat O'Reilly
2004-2005  Fletcher Lewis and Lorenda Jonas
2003-2004  Mike Henry and Jim Devoe
2002-2003  Doug Kelly and Lew Clingman
2001-2002  Doug Steward and Bev Eckman
2000-2001  Jim Cleverly, Jan Gillette, Art Gillespie, Jeff Hollobaugh, Jim Long                  and Brian Macomber
1999-2000  Eldon Dean, Jim Murray, Duane Raffin and Ed Skrelunas
1998-1999  Bernie Abrams, Tom Kearney, Brian Mckenna, Geri Jackson and                    Michelle Dziubinski
1997-1998  Lee Averill, Judy Hagman, George Kniola and Lou Miramonti
1996-1997  George Babcock
1995-1996  Jack Arnold, Lafayette Evans, John Fundukian, Dale Kutchey,                        Paul Morgan, Herb Quade and Tom Truscott
1994-1995  Nate Hampton, Len Hoyes, Chuck Janke, Wayne McDonald,                          Bill Podoll and Gordon Spencer
1993-1994  Kermit Ambrose, Norb Bader, Blake Hagman and Kathy Hutfilz

5. ATOM Special Appreciation Award...

   Awarded to an individual or organization who has demonstrated outstanding and unselfish support to the men and women's Track and Field and/or Cross Country programs, ATOM, the MHSAA, the parents and the betterment of athletics in the State of Michigan.

2020-2021 Walt Drenth
2019-2020 Andy Marsh
2018-2019 ChampionshipChip Sport Timers
2017-2018  Superior Timing, Marquette, MI
2015-2016  Blue Star Sportswear
2014-2015  Chris Choryan and Marvin Freeman (ETC Printing) and Don Passenger (Michiana Timing)
2013-2014  Dan Ebright
2012-2013  Wayne & Debbie McDonald, Aquinas College and                        Jan & Cecil Burch
2011-2012  Grand Rapids Public Schools
2010-2011  Doug and Laura Kelly
2009-2010  MITCA
2008-2009  Jackson High School
2007-2008  M.C. Sports
2006-2007  Lorenda Jonas, Secretary, Tom Eschmann, ATOM Newsletter and                  George Babcock, ATOM Treasurer and Regional Rep.
2005-2006  Eric Zemper, USATF
2004-2005  Michigan International Speedway
2000-2001  Al Owens, USA Olympic Trials Discus Official

6. Past President's Service Award - New President's Gavel...

2019 Gordie Richardson
2018  Mike VanDyke
2016  Lew Clingman
2015  Lynn Ketelhut
2014  Ron Buchanan
2013  John Greathouse
2012  Lynn Kettlehut
2011  Dan Johnson
2010  Dennis Hodges
2009  Lyle Berry
2008  Doug Kelly
2007  Jan Burch
2006  Lew Clingman
2005  Mike Henry
2004  Cecil Burch
2003  Jim Gillis
2002  Darlene Barber
2001  Jill Baker
2000  vacant
1999  Lew Clingman
1998  Rudy Godefroidt
1997  Phil Bedford
1996  Geri Jackson
1995  Bernie Abrams
1994  Dale Kutchey
1993  Kathy Hutfilz
1992  Wayne McDonald
1991  Brian Mckenna
1990  Tom Kearney
1989  Mike Henry
1988  Blake Hagman
1987  Bob Bloomer

7. ATOM Membership Year Awards - 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 for 2013 & 2014...and 2020...

List of qualified Members to Receive Year Awards for 2019...(posted 2/23/2020)

List of qualified Members to Receive Year Awards for 2018...(posted 2/23/2020)